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“Chambers” stands as a beacon of American television drama, masterfully woven by the creative genius Sura Khan. The grand stage is none other than the bustling operations unit of the State City Supreme Court, fondly known as Chambers Central. Here, in the regal offices of the venerable Judge H. Joseph Kimble and his esteemed senior staff, the wheels of justice turn during the spellbinding era of Kimble’s administration.

The drama is a captivating symphony of conversation, law, and diplomatic lessons, perfectly intertwined with the pulsating heartbeat of City politics and the riveting art of crisis management. Much like an intricate tapestry, ” The Chambers-I God We Trust” unfolds its mesmerizing storyline over numerous episodes, some spanning entire seasons, each thread contributing to the magnificent larger narrative.

Pilot- Trouble in Chambers

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Justice For All

The plot revolves around the challenges faced by Judge Kimble, a newly appointed Supreme Court Judge of State City. The narrative begins with a high-profile case and a subsequent controversy caused by a public statement by Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant. The media picked up the statement, causing Fred Kramer, the Chief of Staff, and Matt Canley, Kimble’s Senior Associate and political advisor, to scramble for damage control. Matt suggests firing Owens to mitigate the situation.

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Celebrated Actor Adra Mayer in the Spotlight on Tubi Series


Celebrated leading lady Adra Mayer is on the rise in her new role-playing Media Relations Officer Angela Baker in the new Tubi series

“Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust.

Celebrated Actor

Celebrated Actor


An actress based out of NYC graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has recently worked on Features, Short Films, and Commercials, working with amazing directors such as Kate Kim, Gustaf Bjorn, and Takunda Kramer. Also, companies like OPPO, Noom, and Prose!

Angela Baker is Kimble’s Media Relations Officer and Spokesperson. Angela is a former network news journalist and has served as a deputy press secretary to former State Governor Brian Wells. She is intelligent, analytical, fast-talking, and always on point. Angela is close friends with Fred Kramer and respects his wisdom professionally and personally. Angela is divorced and currently single, raising a daughter who spends more time with Angela’s mother.

Meet Angela Baker

Meet Adra Mayer

The series begins with controversy in Judge Kimble’s first high-profile case in his first term as State City’s Supreme Court Judge. Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant, makes a statement over dinner that ends up on the daily newspaper cover and is now being picked up by mainstream News. Chief of Staff Fred Kramer wants answers before the morning briefing with the Judge and senior staff. Angela Baker fights to get the matter under control and spin the story as she and her team prepare a briefing and statement for the press and her boss Judge Kimble.

The Team

Meet the Team


This riveting new series is the first of its kind. It won 46 film festival Awards (IMDb Certified) for Best New Series, Original Story, Ensemble Cast, and Director. Viewers are pulled in quickly and left wanting more. Most shows about Judges and Justice are set in the courtroom, but not this one.


Come and enjoy the entertaining performance of Adra Mayer in the new series Pilot.

Celebrated Actors Paul & Adra

In Scene from the Series

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Meet the Director; Sura Khan 


Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust /TV SERIES


By: Public Relations Office 

On June 9, 2022, the energy was high at the New York City AMC Theaters on 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan, where the big screen projected images of the beginning of something spectacular coming to television. The cast and executives were the first to witness this new drama series. 

When destiny calls, you answer, says renowned writer-producer and director Sura Khan of the new television series Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We trust. The series is a concept never seen before on television, taking viewers behind the scenes of the traditional courtroom visual to the inside workings of a supreme court judge. His staff is composed of Chief of staff – Fred Kramer, played by actor Anthony LeDonne. Political Advisor Matt Canley – Played By Paul Kevins; Media Relations Officer Angela backer – Played by Adre Mayer, Executive Assistant Marsha Owens – Played by Rebi Paganini and Law Clerks Carson Edelman, Eddie Hayes and Ryan Santiago played by Charles Osborne, Kevin Richard Best, and Ralphy Lopez.

Director/Writer Sura Khan

The pilot starts with an exciting and fast-paced storyline as the staff tackles breaking a news story that puts Judge Kimble on the cover of the early edition of the news. Kimble’s Executive assistant Marsha makes a statement while having dinner on a date with Dan, a gentleman Marsha has seen around the court. Still, she is unaware that he is a reporter for the Daily Justice Newspaper. Marsha makes a statement that puts herself and the Judge at the center of controversy in an already challenging political environment.                                    

One of the many genius ideas of the creator Sura Khan was to make ground zero of the supreme court operate within a fictitious municipality called State City. Khan added another state to the United States, where he gets to write the constitution that governs that territory. A fantastic movie for the series that can tackle social issues and many other factors rarely seen from this perspective by the viewing public.

You are encouraged to look at the trending trailer on YouTube to get a feel of where Khan is leading this new drama series. Also, The Creators encourage viewers to subscribe to the series website to get information and stay updated about the series with information such as air date streaming, cable TV platforms, etc.

Congratulation to Creator Sura Khan, Producer Bobby Bostick, Associate Producer Kenny Sattaur and Terri Patterson, and the fantastic team of filmmakers of Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust. COMING SOON!!

Pilot Trailer

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