Sura Khan’s -Whispers of Wisdom The Book COMING April. 2019

ebook filmmaking with sura khan

New Book by Sura Khan- Coming Soon!

Title- Sura Khan’s Whispers of Wisdom- For the New Filmmaker

Author- Sura Khan

In the early stages of a filmmakers journey many important elements are too often overlooked and until a particular level is reached in your journey you can find yourself like a leaf in the wind. I decided to share and whisper these words of wisdom because for a time in my life I was you. I wish this kind of wisdom was available during my early years in filmmaking. The Five Power tips I offer will give the reader a solid foundation to stand on whether you are a director, producer or writer. The power of knowledge can be the scale by which your actions in filmmaking can be measured. The measurements will determine your longevity or decline as a filmmaker who will or will not be taken seriously by all those who matter. With so much information available today, being able to separate the good from the not so good can be a journey in itself. I used the title “Whispers of Wisdom” because if you can hear my whispers in the stillness of your being (the voice that guided you to this book) then it was indeed written for you. Take heed to this wisdom and put on the armor I provide so that you can protect yourself and your projects as you navigate these turbulent waters called the entertaining industry.

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