Diana Ross & The Supremes The Sura Khan Effort


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A clip from the 2008 Film-Love Letter  “In the name of Love” 

A Supreme Effort by Sura Khan & Company

The Supremes Movie Never Told.

Sura Khan pens a book about his cinematic effort to inspire former Motown superstar Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong to give the fans that long-awaited reunion. instead of the usual approach, Sura Khan and company went to the extreme of putting together a scripted film production titled IN THE NAME OF LOVE, detailing how a reunion of the trio just might play out. The move was risky but brave says industry insider from Motown and Universal Music group. Sura Khan details the entire experience in a book he published about the effort in 2009. Until this present day, a reunion of the trio has not taken place. In 2000 Ross and company did try to launch a reunion that would include Wilson and Birdsong but the efforts went leftover money and other issues. See the details of this supreme love letter from a fan who truly took it to another level. Sura Khan In the Name of Love, published by infinity Books.