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Law Clerk's with Chief of Staff

Hallway conversations

“Chambers” stands as a beacon of American television drama, masterfully woven by the creative genius Sura Khan. The grand stage is none other than the bustling operations unit of the State City Supreme Court, fondly known as Chambers Central. Here, in the regal offices of the venerable Judge H. Joseph Kimble and his esteemed senior staff, the wheels of justice turn during the spellbinding era of Kimble’s administration.

The drama is a captivating symphony of conversation, law, and diplomatic lessons, perfectly intertwined with the pulsating heartbeat of City politics and the riveting art of crisis management. Much like an intricate tapestry, ” The Chambers-I God We Trust” unfolds its mesmerizing storyline over numerous episodes, some spanning entire seasons, each thread contributing to the magnificent larger narrative.

Pilot- Trouble in Chambers

Series Poster

Justice For All

The plot revolves around the challenges faced by Judge Kimble, a newly appointed Supreme Court Judge of State City. The narrative begins with a high-profile case and a subsequent controversy caused by a public statement by Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant. The media picked up the statement, causing Fred Kramer, the Chief of Staff, and Matt Canley, Kimble’s Senior Associate and political advisor, to scramble for damage control. Matt suggests firing Owens to mitigate the situation.

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“The Chambers – In God We Trust” Supreme Court Series Garners 10+ Awards, Enthusiasm of Critics and Viewers Alike



For Immediate Release:

“The Chambers – In God We Trust” Supreme Court Series Garners 10+ Awards, Enthusiasm of Critics and Viewers Alike

The fictional pilot about the inner chambers of the court is slated to be the next “House of Cards” or “West Wing,” when interest in the U.S. Supreme Court is at an all-time high.

NEW YORK, New York, Friday, Aug. 5, 2022: “The Chambers – In God We Trust” television series is thrilled to announce that it’s taken home more than 10+ awards to date – including Best TV Pilot and Best TV Series.

The fictional supreme court series, created and directed by Sura Khan, explores the courtroom’s inner chambers. It follows the supreme court Judge H. Joseph Kimble, played by Bob Lloyd – and his staff – Fred Kramer, played by actor Anthony LeDonne. Political Advisor Matt Canley – Played By Paul Kevins; Media Relations Officer Angela backer – Played by Adre Mayer, Executive Assistant Marsha Owens – Played by Rebi Paganini and Law Clerks Carson Edelman, Eddie Hayes and Ryan Santiago played by Charles Osborne, Kevin Richard Best, and Ralphy Lopez.

The pilot starts with the staff tackling a breaking news story that puts Judge Kimble on the cover of the early edition of the news. Kimble’s Executive assistant Marsha makes a statement while having dinner on a date with Dan, a gentleman Marsha has seen around the court. Still, she is unaware that he is a reporter for the Daily Justice Newspaper. Marsha makes a statement that puts herself and the Judge at the center of controversy in an already challenging political environment. The plot unfolds from there.

The fictional pilot taps the collective’s desire to understand what exactly is going on at the U.S. Supreme Court and state supreme courts. Google Trends reported that search volume for the U.S. Supreme Court was at an all-time high in June 2022, and Gallup concluded that trust in the U.S. Supreme Court was at an all-time low at 25 percent.

The international award-winning series winnings include, but are not limited to Best Ensemble Cast and Best Web Series/TV Pilot at the Independent Shorts Awards, Best TV Series at the Watch Out International Film Festival, Best TV Series at the Gold Star Movie Awards, Best Drama Feature at the Silver Mask Live Festival (Los Angeles), Best Web Series/TV Pilot at the Independent Short Awards, Outstanding Achievement Web Series/TV Pilot and Best Ensemble Cast at the IndieX Film Festival, Best TV Series/Pilot at the Eastern European Movie Awards, Best Web Series/TV Pilot/Screenplay at the New York Movie Awards, Honorable Mention at the Seattle Film Summit, and Special Mention at the Red Dragon Creative Awards.

“When destiny calls, you answer,” said Sura Khan, a 30-year entertainment industry vet and the creator and director of “The Chambers.” “I wanted to create a story from a place that’s never been done before – the inner chambers of the supreme court.”

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About “The Chambers: In God We Trust”

The Chambers is a new award-winning American drama television series created by Sura Khan. The series is set in the Chambers Central operations unit of the State City Supreme Court, where the Judge and offices of his senior staff are located during the fictional administration of Justice H. Joseph Kimble. The series focuses on conversations, law, judiciary lessons, City politics, and crisis management. Most episodes follow Judge H. Joseph Kimble and his staff exploring Judiciary or political issues. Plots will range from behind-closed-door negotiations to personal problems such as stress disorders and other emotional issues. The show explores the connection to the mayor who appoints the Judge and highlights how politics and other events at City Hall might play into the city’s Supreme Court. Visit “The Chambers” on the web, Instagram, and TikTok. Watch the trailer here.

Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust /TV SERIES


By: Public Relations Office 

On June 9, 2022, the energy was high at the New York City AMC Theaters on 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan, where the big screen projected images of the beginning of something spectacular coming to television. The cast and executives were the first to witness this new drama series. 

When destiny calls, you answer, says renowned writer-producer and director Sura Khan of the new television series Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We trust. The series is a concept never seen before on television, taking viewers behind the scenes of the traditional courtroom visual to the inside workings of a supreme court judge. His staff is composed of Chief of staff – Fred Kramer, played by actor Anthony LeDonne. Political Advisor Matt Canley – Played By Paul Kevins; Media Relations Officer Angela backer – Played by Adre Mayer, Executive Assistant Marsha Owens – Played by Rebi Paganini and Law Clerks Carson Edelman, Eddie Hayes and Ryan Santiago played by Charles Osborne, Kevin Richard Best, and Ralphy Lopez.

Director/Writer Sura Khan

The pilot starts with an exciting and fast-paced storyline as the staff tackles breaking a news story that puts Judge Kimble on the cover of the early edition of the news. Kimble’s Executive assistant Marsha makes a statement while having dinner on a date with Dan, a gentleman Marsha has seen around the court. Still, she is unaware that he is a reporter for the Daily Justice Newspaper. Marsha makes a statement that puts herself and the Judge at the center of controversy in an already challenging political environment.                                    

One of the many genius ideas of the creator Sura Khan was to make ground zero of the supreme court operate within a fictitious municipality called State City. Khan added another state to the United States, where he gets to write the constitution that governs that territory. A fantastic movie for the series that can tackle social issues and many other factors rarely seen from this perspective by the viewing public.

You are encouraged to look at the trending trailer on YouTube to get a feel of where Khan is leading this new drama series. Also, The Creators encourage viewers to subscribe to the series website to get information and stay updated about the series with information such as air date streaming, cable TV platforms, etc.

Congratulation to Creator Sura Khan, Producer Bobby Bostick, Associate Producer Kenny Sattaur and Terri Patterson, and the fantastic team of filmmakers of Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust. COMING SOON!!

Pilot Trailer

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Sura Khan is a thirty-year veteran in the entertainment industry. A writer, producer, director, and author with a drive and determination that’s unprecedented. Over the past five years, Sura Khan has spent much of his time developing a variety of original television series and film projects.  He’s a visionary who believes that there’s a time for everything and everyone. The innovative projects he’s developed is rooted in something extraordinary and indeed timely. Creating programming based on the unique needs of the viewer and the times we are living in is his formula for creating a winning catalog of content. With profound changes in technology and viewing patterns around the world, Sura Khan feels that anything is possible if we can connect with a source whose capacity to see our vision and all its possibilities is secured. I have no doubts whatsoever in my unique ability to move an audience. I understand that we, as human beings are always on the lookout for those programs and ideas that can inspire, motivate, and teach us something we may have previously been unaware of. Not being afraid to continue creating projects that you understand will eventually cost millions upon millions of dollars to produce and you as a creator having no idea how that kind of money will find its way to you is simply the principal’s of faith with a clear knowing that what’s inside of you must be manifested in the world outside of you. When you can connect with that source of knowledge, then the manifestation of an idea is evident in due time. Sitting on a goldmine is how Sura Khan views his current place in time. Anyone lucky enough to see beyond the present moment within his unique purpose for existence will be very fortunate enough to share in a stream of wealth and success unimaginable. With a host of new books and projects to add to his catalog Mr. Khan is content and looks forward to the coming years and all that it will bring through and from him. 


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Al Sharpton’s 2019 NAN Triumph Awards, An Experience for All!




Awards 2019 Al Sharpton

                                                                                       Photo by: NAN-(c) 2019

Al Sharpton’s 2019 NAN Triumph Awards Was An Experience!

Story By: Sura Khan

On October 21, 2019, the world-famous Apollo Theater opened its doors to the National Action Network 2019 Triumph Awards celebrating Rev. Al Sharpton’s 65th birthday and over 50 years of activism. The program was host by TV/News Anchor from NY1 Cheryl Wills and The Rev. Al Sharpton. The evening honorees were Patrisse Cullors – Co. founder of “Black Lives Matter”, Alicia Garza- Co. Founder of “Black Lives Matter”, Van Jones- News Commentator & Author, Ivy McGregor – CEO of IVY Inc. & Social Responsibility/Beygood, Dominque Morisseau- Play Wright & Director, Naturi Naughton –Actor & Singer “Power TV Series” and Isiah Thomas- NBA Hall of Fame. It was an honor to be in the company of such great contributors to the African American community and the world.

Al Sharpton 65th Birthday

The evening started with some acknowledgments and a wonderful and moving performance by the “Grace Baptist Church Choir” that set the tone for the rest of the evenings’ celebration. Their performance was moving and had the audience engaged in the spirit. Next up was the singing of a rendition of the Stevie Wonder hit song “Happy Birthday” to Rev. Sharpton by the entire auditorium. A cake with burning candles was rolled out on to the stage followed by Al Sharpton, supporters, and loved ones.

                    Isiah Thomas /Sura Khan    Al Sharpton awards Birthday 65yh

The evening events were more than an award show and birthday celebration; it was indeed an experience. A well-organized event that hardily kept audience members in their seats.  A video collage played on a giant screen on stage recapturing the life and times of Al Sharpton. It was entertaining and educational for onlookers. I learned a great deal about Rev. Sharpton and the NAN that evening. President Obama appeared on the screen wishing the Reverend a happy birthday. The former President also spoke very highly of Sharpton and his great accomplishments and contributions, with some little joke that kept the audience laughing. Video footage and photos appeared on the screen giving visual of a 7-year-old Al preaching in the church too the 1980’s heavyset Al with his famous processed hairstyle. The audience loved it.

Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson- Chairman of the board, National Action Network was also in attendance presenting the Chairman’s Award to NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. Richardson also appeared in the video presentation speaking highly of the NAN and Sharpton. Sharpton refused to allow the awards evening to be dampened with talks of President Donald Trump or currents events. It was his night and happiness was the order of the day.  Sharpton also had at his side his two lovely daughters, grandson, and son-in-law among others. He also sang the praises of one of the central park 5 who is now employed by NAN and working behind the scene to support the work of NAN. The audience applauded the young man as he thanked everyone and held his fist high in the air (Victory).

Ain't Too Proud The Musical

Honoree Dominique Morisseau gave an inspiring speech and brought along with her the cast members from her Tony-Winning Musical show now on Broadway at the Imperial Theater “Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations. The 5 siging actor’s-dancers hit the stage with a rendition of some of the Temptations’ greatest hits including “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” among many others. The audience was dancing in their seats to the memorable sounds of Motown.

A spectacular performance by the “Greater Allen AME Cathedral Ensemble moves the audience even more with their powerful voices. Honoree Van Jones –Attorney and Organizer sang the praises of Sharpton, calling him his mentor. Jones was almost moved to tears recapping his journey. Jones also brought with him two young gentlemen, former prisoners whom Jones and his organization lead the way to their freedom. Thousands of others also benefit from his efforts as he led the charge on passing the FIRST STEP ACT. a bipartisan Federal bill that the NY Times calls the most substantial breakthrough in criminal justice in a generation.

After all the wonderful award presentations and speeches by all the honorees, the evening came to a close as Gospel recording artist Le’Andria Johnson BET (Sunday’s Best) took to the stage singing her inspirational music from her album “Bigger Than Me”. Johnson leads the Apollo audience straight to church as she filled the room with a spirit emerging from deep within her soul. The Reverend Al Sharpton then lead the audience in prayer as the program came to a close.

In conclusion, the evening was inspiring, entertaining and educational on many levels. I thank Al Sharpton, the National Action Network and its board of directors and members for all the great work they’ve done over the years. It was indeed an eye-opener for me. Congratulations to all the honorees for the great work each of them does to better our community and the world over. Happy birthday Brother Al Sharpton and may you be blessed to continue on the front line for social justice and reform for all. 

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