Our Services



We can turn your idea into a full script for television and film. We can help you develop your story idea, your real-life story into a full script. We can lead your writing team and put together the perfect talent to perfect your script.


We can develop and produce your full presentation package: including your script, television bible, treatment, and other documents needed to present your package to buyers, distributors, and producers.


With over thirty years of experience in the areas of film, television, production, and entertainment we can be an adviser to you for your project, and help walk you through the process of taking your project to the next level.


We can help you produce and turn your idea into a fully completed production. We’ll get you ready to shop your project to buyers and distribution platforms, and oversee production operations, budget your project, and bring in the right services needed for your project.


Being at the helm of a project is an important job and should be performed by the right person with vision, experience and the ability to get the job done. Bringing the pieces together for your project’s success is a special process that requires skills, determination and the ability to work well with actors and crew. Your director is your leader and the most important factor in getting your project to the finish line.

Production Management

We can oversee the operations of managing your TV and film-shooting schedule, and obtain the necessary paperwork and permits required by local government offices to film your project. Getting the right location for your scene is very important and can become very expensive if not handled properly. Our experience will help find solutions to your location problems and managing the day-day operation of your project. Seeing your project from script to the screen is our specialty.


Finding the right talent for your project requires more than just the ability to be a good actor. We’ll bring in the right players to match the characters in your story. We have thousands of actors available from New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We can also provide you with name talent (Celebrities) that might be willing to play a role in your story. We set up auditions and interviews.

Project Development

Getting your project developed is an important process. We can help you develop your script, budget, shooting schedule, crew and talent. From a thought in your mind to a finished project on the screen is our specialty. Matching the dollar amount to the reality of what it will take to see your project completed is crucial and we can help you understand the realities.

Staff Development &Training

We help prepare your team for the enormous task ahead of them in making your project a reality. We have three-day training, two-day training, and one-day training. We cover all areas of production with hand brochures and PowerPoint presentations, focusing on the following topics: Getting the job done on time, Team play, Staying in your lane, The directors vision, Working with actors, Safety on the set, Permit guidelines for shooting on location, Know the story, Risk management, Film set security training, Department leaders management, Rehearsing actors, Doing the paperwork, and many other topics that will fit your production team needs.