“Trailer “The Chambers – In God We Trust (Dramedy/Pilot) By: Sura Khan


Law Clerk's with Chief of Staff

Hallway conversations

“Chambers” stands as a beacon of American television drama, masterfully woven by the creative genius Sura Khan. The grand stage is none other than the bustling operations unit of the State City Supreme Court, fondly known as Chambers Central. Here, in the regal offices of the venerable Judge H. Joseph Kimble and his esteemed senior staff, the wheels of justice turn during the spellbinding era of Kimble’s administration.

The drama is a captivating symphony of conversation, law, and diplomatic lessons, perfectly intertwined with the pulsating heartbeat of City politics and the riveting art of crisis management. Much like an intricate tapestry, ” The Chambers-I God We Trust” unfolds its mesmerizing storyline over numerous episodes, some spanning entire seasons, each thread contributing to the magnificent larger narrative.

Pilot- Trouble in Chambers

Series Poster

Justice For All

The plot revolves around the challenges faced by Judge Kimble, a newly appointed Supreme Court Judge of State City. The narrative begins with a high-profile case and a subsequent controversy caused by a public statement by Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant. The media picked up the statement, causing Fred Kramer, the Chief of Staff, and Matt Canley, Kimble’s Senior Associate and political advisor, to scramble for damage control. Matt suggests firing Owens to mitigate the situation.

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