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Watch Actor Charles Osborn Starring in the new series, “Sura Khan’s The Chambers –In God We Trust,” streaming on Tubi Free TV + Movies, is fast becoming the talk of the town.

Actor Charles Osborne

Playing: Carson Edelman

Actor CHARLES OSBORNE is a comedian and actor with over 500,000 followers and 12 million likes on TikTok alone. As a writer, he is best known for his opera The Body Politic, which made international headlines (Boston Globe, Daily Mail, AP, etc.) when it was performed at the NC legislature in response to the “bathroom bill.” He has performed at the Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center, PBS (national), and LA’s Ahmanson Theatre; with Dane Cook, Rebecca Romjin, and Ke$ha, and has starred in six Off-Broadway plays and musicals, from Shakespeare to Spamilton. WINNER: International Gong Comedy Competition – Comedy Store (London). FINALIST: NY Queer Comedy Festival. RESIDENCIES: Club Cumming (owned by Alan Cumming), Triad Theatre (Off-Broadway)

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Chambers Staff

Watch his outstanding performance In the role of Carson Edelman, Charles is a newly appointed assistant law clerk. He’s a graduate of Tans Law School and a former classmate of Fred Kramer. Carson’s mother is a California District Attorney who happens to be the sister of Judge Joseph Kimble. After working 2-years in his mother’s administration, Carson wanted a change and found his way to his uncle Joe’s chambers. Carson is brilliant, with a comedic edge. He is a person who hates losing and will go out of his way to prove his point. Kramer and Edelman clash from the onset. Fred Kramer, the chief of staff, is unhappy when he learns that his new assistant is an old college associate. Kramer wants Carson Edelman to disappear until he knows that Carson is Judge Kimble’s nephew, and firing him is out of the question. Not happy about working with his old college buddy, Kramer tries to get Carson re-assigned.

Actor Charles

Actor Charles Osborne, Record Room Scene

Come and enjoy the entertaining actor’s performance of Charles Osborne in the new series Pilot.

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