Introducing: Actor Bob Lloyd Star of The New Series on Tubi


Introducing: Bob Lloyd as Judge Kimble in

“Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust”

Bob Lloyd

Meet Star of the New Hit Series – Bob Lloyd

Introducing Actor Bob Lloyd, Starring as Judge H. Joseph Kimble, the Supreme Court Judge in the State City Supreme Court, the factious municipality in the new series.

The series begins with controversy in Judge Kimble’s first high-profile case in his first term as State City’s Supreme Court Judge.  Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant, makes a statement over dinner that ends up on the daily newspaper cover and is now being picked up by mainstream News. Chief of Staff Fred Kramer wants answers before the morning briefing with the Judge and senior staff.

Bob Lloyd has performed professionally for over 40 years, a magical life course. Learning magic as a child, Bob began performing at birthday parties. As his skills grew, pantomime and juggling became important parts of his act.

Introducing Bob Lloyd

Judge H. Joesph Kimble

In 1981 Bob applied and was accepted into the renowned Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College. There, the traditional crafts of slap-stick clowning, stilt-walking, and acrobatics were taught. Bob was among the select few graduates invited to join the circus. His professionalism and stage presence were honed by touring the United States for the next two years with the legendary “Greatest Show on Earth.”

An avid Martial arts student with 35 years of experience, Bob is a 5th-degree Black Belt who continues to train/teach Tae Kwon do and Jujitsu in Flemington, New Jersey.

Today, all the skills acquired in a lifetime of learning focus on acting. With various commercial work and roles in films, Donna Stronger Than Pretty, Inside Game, The Week of, and The Wolves we feed. Television roles include Pandora’s Box, Primal Instinct, Dead North, Random Acts of Flyness, and Recurring in Mysteries at the Museum.

Introducing Bob Lloyd

And Justice for All

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Podcast Episode #16- Your Going To Find Yourself In Your Craft


Podcast Episode #16


The Powerful Message!

Searching for your life’s purpose is something we all come face to face with at some point in our lives. On this edition of Sura Khan’s Whispers of Wisdom The host helps the listener find a pathway to discovering how they can find themselves in their craft. In this exciting episode of the Number one entertainment industry Podcast, Sura Khan shares his own experiences with listeners as well as artful and unique ways they can find themselves in their craft and ultimately discover their life’s purpose.

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Podcast Episode #2 Actors & Filmmakers and the Audition Process. COME LEARN!


The Podcast 

actors and the audition process

Whispers of Wisdom -Host SURA KHAN Episode #2 

Actors & The Audition Process – ‘Sura Khan’s Whispers of Wisdom”

Great tools for new filmmakers and actors about the audition process and the magic of the perfect elements coming together. Listen and learn.

Get first hand insight on the audition process for actors and filmmakers. Sura Khan’s Whispers of Wisdom, I’m Just Saying (IJS) is a weekly Podcast, Host & Produced by 30- year entertainment industry veteran Sura Khan. A filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer, and Author with vast amounts of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience in the Entertainment Industry.

Show Format:

Sura Khan talks on a informative general topic for each weekly episode. He offers enlightenment, inspiration and direction for listeners interested in the Film, Television, Music and the Book Publishing industries. Also those listeners most interested in the general episode topic. The format is set up as a one on one interment conversation between Sura Khan and the listener. The program also features two formats called “Ask Sura Khan” where the host shares and answers to questions sent in from listeners and viewers of his web site and his mentoring message board on LinkedIn.  Most questions asked are seeking advice and guidance from Sura Khan.  The second feature is called “History in Entertainment” where the host shares interesting information about people, places and events in the entertainment industry that might have fallen under the radar and should have light shined on it. In addition to History in Entertainment A sub topic called Close Encounters & Purposeful connection where the host shares exciting and meaningful connection among various people including his own experiences. Also In an exciting segment titled “Power Lyrics” Sura Khan quotes powerful one liners from song lyrics that are most compelling and inspiring to the host.    

With so much information and experience’s to share with others Sura Khan has found the perfect outlet with his new Podcast “Whispers of Wisdom” and welcomes you to come along for the ride. All Aboard The Sura Khan Express!   

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