Sura Khan’s “The Chambers – In God We Trust” Supreme Court Series Wins 22 Awards in Hollywood, London & Italy


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The internationally celebrated pilot depicts an imagined version of what goes on in the inner chambers of the supreme court.

NEW YORK, New York, Friday, Sept. 9, 2022: “The Chambers – In God We Trust” television series’ cast and crew are celebrating another huge week for the series. The show took home 22 awards this week – 11 at the Florence Film Awards, 10 at the Hollywood Gold Awards, and one in London. This brings the political series’ award total up to 32 – and counting.

The first-of-its-kind supreme court series, created and directed by Sura Khan, explores the courtroom’s inner chambers. It follows the supreme court Judge H. Joseph Kimble, played by Bob Lloyd – and his staff – Fred Kramer, played by actor Anthony LeDonne. Political Advisor Matt Canley – Played By Paul Kevins; Media Relations Officer Angela backer – Played by Adre Mayer, Executive Assistant Marsha Owens – Played by Rebi Paganini and Law Clerks Carson Edelman, Eddie Hayes and Ryan Santiago played by Charles Osborne, Kevin Richard Best, and Ralphy Lopez.

The pilot starts with the staff tackling a breaking news story that puts Judge Kimble on the cover of the early edition of the news. Kimble’s executive assistant Marsha makes a statement while having dinner on a date with Dan, a gentleman Marsha has seen around the court. Still, she is unaware that he is a reporter for the Daily Justice Newspaper. Marsha makes a statement that puts herself and the Judge at the center of controversy in an already challenging political environment.

The show’s no stranger to winning awards. This time, it took home Hollywood Gold Awards for the indie feature film, along with awards for its screenplay, director, producer, editing, and sound design, among others. In Italy, “The Chambers” also took home awards for best indie feature film, best director, best actor (Paul Kevins), best cinematography (Rasheen “R.H.Bless” Hill), best screenplay, best editing, etc.

“I’m honored that the show continues to make a splash wherever it comes,” said Sura Khan, the show’s creator and director. “I’m looking forward to continuing to tell this story and show it to the public.”

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Podcast Episode #6 Media Mogul Byron Allen Law Suite


Podcast on: Byron AllenByron Allen & Sura Khan 

Sura Khan takes listeners into the center of this historic case with Byron Allen.  Said to threaten the Civil Rights of more than 100 Million Americans, particularly African Americans.

The Podcast program shines a light on Entertainment Studios  and its Chief Executive Officer- Byron Allen. A 20-billion-dollar law suite and fight for economic inclusion against Cable Television Media Giant Comcast and Charter. The Case is now before the United States Supreme Court after a two-time win for Allen in the 9th Circuit Court of appeals. The hearing will be held on November 13, 2019

According to Allen Comcast said “We’re going to take this to the Supreme Court”. African Americans were freed from slavery in December of 1865. Instead of getting reciprocity, 40 acres, and a mule they were given a law that states they will have fare contracting and economic inclusion in government and commercial contracting.  The writers of the Bill understood that the newly freed slaves  the African Americans were not going to be treated fairly in commercial and government contracting. It was essential for them to be integrated into the financial fiber of America. This law was put on the books 153 years ago to make sure African Americans had an economic pathway for economic inclusion which is now being threatened. It’s the very first Civil Rights statute in America. It gave birth to Civil Rights that allowed African Americans to have economic inclusion and the halting of economic genocide.                                                             Byron Allen & Sura Khan     

The story behind the story in entertainment.

Whispers of Wisdom -Host SURA KHAN

Byron Allen recently did an in-depth interview on New York’s IHeart Radio’s  “The Breakfast Club” with DJ. Envy, Charlamagne the God and Angela Yee.  The interview sparked a chain reaction of interest in this case. Social media sites are trending with this story since the interview on the Breakfast Club.  Sura Khan chimes in on Whispers of Wisdom the podcast with more.

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