Sura Khan’s The Chambers – “In God We Trust” Celebrate It’s 11th Festival Award WIN!


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“The Chambers – In God We Trust” Wins Best TV Series, Again

Plus, how you can see the pilot this weekend in Chicago.

NEW YORK, New York, Friday, Aug. 5, 2022: “The Chambers – In God We Trust” television series is proud to announce that it won yet another award – Best Web/ TV Series at the Crown Point International Film Festival in Chicago, Ill. The fictional supreme court series, created and directed by Sura Khan, explores the courtroom’s inner chambers It follows the supreme court Judge H. Joseph Kimble, played by Bob Lloyd – and his staff – Fred Kramer, played by actor Anthony LeDonne. Political Advisor Matt Canley – Played By Paul Kevins; Media Relations Officer Angela backer – Played by Adre Mayer, Executive Assistant Marsha Owens – Played by Rebi Paganini and Law Clerks Carson Edelman, Eddie Hayes and Ryan Santiago played by Charles Osborne, Kevin Richard Best, and Ralphy Lopez. 

The pilot starts with the staff tackling a breaking news story that puts Judge Kimble on the cover of the early edition of the news. Kimble’s Executive assistant Marsha makes a statement while having dinner on a date with Dan, a gentleman Marsha has seen around the court. Still, she is unaware that he is a reporter for the Daily Justice Newspaper. Marsha makes a statement that puts herself and the Judge at the center of controversy in an already challenging political environment. The plot unfolds from there.

Sura Khan, along with Executive Producer Bobby Bostick and actors Anthony LeDonne and Adra Mayer, will be in Chicago for the Tylerman International Film Festival THIS WEEKEND Aug. 5 – 8, 2022. 

“The Chambers” pilot will be shown at Cantigny Park in the Visting Center Theater and Medrill Room from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug 6, 2022. A Q & A with the cast and crew will immediately follow the screening.

Learn more about this event and how you can join them in this press release. Get all the details on “The Chambers” in our media kit

Secure an interview with the cast and crew of “The Chambers” by emailing Sara Fruman at

Get more information on “The Chambers” in our media kitSecure an interview with the cast and crew of “The Chambers” by emailing Sara Fruman at


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