Sura Khan director and writer of the long-awaited Klein Syndicate series has announced on April 7, 2018, that the pilot is officially completed. In a social media post on Facebook and Instagram the leader of the caravan along with Calvin Klein Bacote the subject of the series said “It’s A WRAP!! The Klein Syndicate is in the Can”. “It was indeed an experience and pleasure directing and writing this series with Calvin Bacote and the production team David Quinones, Jeremiah  John Arrington and the talents of actor Lambert Taims who plays Klein”. Along with a phenomenal cast line-up.

An explosion of behind the scenes photos have emerged all over the internet as talks among cast and friends of the project began to take on a life of its own said director Sura Khan. Calvin’s life is too broad to fit into a film so the series choice was the best direction said, Khan. The pilot is an introduction to the world and covers crucial turning points in the life of Calvin Bacote. Also, in the pilot, a drastic time in Klein’s life is revisited when the story takes you back to a five-year-old Klein in the 1970’s and the first time he had a gun in his hand. Sura Khan said, “Bringing the big guy out


THE KLEIN SYNDICATE – Trailer from Sura Khan on Vimeo.

of this little guy and this little guy out of this big guy is a true test of a director’s creative capacity to be a bridge between these two forces to merge together”. Referring to the child actor Wil Lugo and Calvin Bacote. 

Calvin has an untold history with many of today’s iconic figures such as Hip-hop legends NAS and JAY-Z to name a couple. Khan also stated in a blog post “Writing and directing that historic pass between these two brothers, hip-hop icon “NAS” and the Brooklyn Don (Calvin) is going to be epic. The brothers Klein and Nas were enjoying an evening together along with the series star Lambert Tamin and producer David Quinones at the Eric B & Rakim concert in New York City on April 10, 2018. The lead actor Lambert Tamin of the series said: “I’m Humbled to be a part of this and to have the opportunity to play the role of the Brooklyn Don himself”. 

The series is gaining support by many influential insiders including the City of Mount Vernon’s Mayor Richard Thomas and City Clerk George W. Brown who visited the set to say hello while filming the historic United States Government vs Calvin Bacote Scene that was taking place in the City Hall Chambers.


THE KLEIN SYNDICATE – Trailer from Sura Khan on Vimeo.

Calvin Bacote’s production company Pree-Productions is now on the search for a good home for the series and looking to speak with platforms like HBO, STARS, and NETFLIX among others for distribution consideration.

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More on Calvin Klein Bacote 

Calvin Bacote was born in 1966 and raised in Brooklyn, New York by his parents along with his older sister and brother. In the mid-80s, Bacote began dealing and distributing the nation’s most dominating drug, crack cocaine. He organized a masterful team thus becoming a powerful drug lord often referred to as Calvin Klein the Brooklyn Don. His name echoed up and down the entire east coast, where the distribution of cocaine was lead under his management. In 1988, Bacote was charged with second-degree murder and five counts of possession of a deadly weapon. Ten months later in 1989, he was acquitted of all charges. Two months after the acquittal Bacote, along with associate Mr. Shawn Carter aka Jay -Z, was charged in a Maryland State case for attempted murder, intent to maim, battery, assault, and possession of a deadly weapon. Both of them faced up to 40 years in prison.

Bacote negotiated with the Plaintiff to take full blame, therefore relieving Carter of all pending charges. After being released on bail, pending a trial date, Bacote was in the works towards financing a recording label for rappers Jaz-O and Biz Markie. One of the first acts to be released from the label was Carter also known as Jay-Z. Unfortunately, The label was never established. Unbeknownst to him, Bacote was under a federal investigation that eventually led to a 25-year sentence. His prior 1989 conviction was overturned and dismissed reducing the 25-year sentence to 15 years, of which he served
Bacote’s notorious past is acknowledged and glorified amongst many creditable artists such as Jay-Z, Akon, and French Montana, all of whom have mentioned him in their music. Upon his release in 2004, he was asked to manage Akon who became an international multi-platinum recording artist under his management.

Bacote helped build the Konvict music label and brand. Throughout his journey in the music industry, he created an intricate network of high profile relationships. He has since turned over a new leaf in his life and is focused on giving back. The first step in his journey was in 2004 with The Fatherhood Family Engagement Program in which he rebuilt dilapidated homes in South Carolina. In 2012 shortly after getting married, Bacote was invited to speak at a YPO (Young President’s Organization) event in Las Vegas Nevada, hosted by Wendy Day. On February 25, 2014, He self-published a book based on his life, hoping the unmitigated nature would deter those wishing to follow in his past footsteps. The book titled, “Neighborhoods Under Siege” was #1 on Amazon and #7 on Kindle during the week of its release. He started a media blitz, accomplishing hi-profile interviews with Vlad TV, MTV News, and to name a few, highlighting his newfound passion for effecting change by public speaking.

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