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Sura Khan is a thirty-year veteran in the entertainment industry. A writer, producer, director, and author with unprecedented drive and determination. Over the past five years, Sura Khan has spent much time developing various original television series and film projects.  He’s a visionary who believes there’s a time for everything and everyone. The innovative projects he’s developed is rooted in something extraordinary and indeed timely. Creating programming based on the unique needs of the viewer and the times we live in is his formula for creating a winning content catalog.

With profound changes in technology and viewing patterns worldwide, Sura Khan feels that anything is possible if we can connect with a source whose capacity to see our vision and all its possibilities is secured. I have no doubts whatsoever about my unique ability to move an audience. I understand that we, as human beings are always on the lookout for those programs and ideas that can inspire, motivate, and teach us something we may have previously been unaware of. 

Not being afraid to continue creating projects you understand will eventually cost millions of dollars. You, as a creator, having no idea how that kind of money will find its way to you is simply the principle of faith with a clear knowing that what’s inside of you must be manifested in the world outside of you. When you can connect with that source of knowledge, then the manifestation of an idea is evident in due time.

Sitting on a goldmine is how Sura Khan views his current place in time. Anyone lucky to see beyond the present moment within his unique purpose for existence will be very fortunate enough to share in a stream of wealth and unimaginable success.

With many new books and projects to add to his catalog Mr. Khan is content and looks forward to the coming years and all that it will bring through and from him. 


Books– In the Name of love, A Directors Faith, Sura Khan’s Whispers of Wisdom, Sura Khan’s Expressions On the Walk of Fame with Virginia Capers.


Television: South of Brooklyn, The Klein Syndicate, Candid with Terri P., Set Life Cali.



Film: In the Name of Love, Brothers Gonna Work it Out.- Testimonials 



SEE MORE ON THE WORK OF SURA KHAN https://surakhan.net

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