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Social Media & The Entertainment Industry Sura Khan’s Podcast

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Episode Topics: Social Media & The Entertainment Industry

On this premiere podcast episode-1 Sura Khan talks about social media & the entertainment industry. Also giving great advice to actors and other media practitioners about social media’s do’s and don’ts. Enjoy the extras such as Ask Sura Khan, History in Entertainment and Powerful lyrics quotes.


Sura Khan’s Whispers of Wisdom, I’m Just Saying (IJS) is a weekly Podcast, Host & Produced by 30- year entertainment industry veteran Sura Khan. A filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer, and Author with vast amounts of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience in the Entertainment Industry.

The Shows Format:

Sura Khan talks on a informative general topic for each weekly episode. He offers enlightenment, inspiration and direction for listeners interested in the Film, Television, Music and the Book Publishing industries. Also those listeners most interested in the general episode topic. The format is set up as a one on one interment conversation between Sura Khan and the listener. The program also features two formats called “Ask Sura Khan” where the host shares and answers to questions sent in from listeners and viewers of his web site and his mentoring message board on LinkedIn.  Most questions asked are seeking advice and guidance from Sura Khan.  The second feature is called “History in Entertainment” where the host shares interesting information about people, places and events in the entertainment industry that might have fallen under the radar and should have light shined on it. In addition to History in Entertainment A sub topic called Close Encounters & Purposeful connection where the host shares exciting and meaningful connection among various people including his own experiences. Also In an exciting segment titled “Power Lyrics” Sura Khan quotes powerful one liners from song lyrics that are most compelling and inspiring to the host.    

With so much information and experience’s to share with others Sura Khan has found the perfect outlet with his new Podcast “Whispers of Wisdom” and welcomes you to come along for the ride. All Aboard The Sura Khan Express!        

Episode Topics: Social Media & The Entertainment Industry

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Virginia Capers Tony Award Winner, Documentary Fundraiser

Documentary fundraiser Virginia Capers

Documentary Fundraiser- Virginia Capers

Virginia Capers Tony Award Winner-Documentary Fund, Preserving Excellence and Contributions in Film Television and Theater.

November 29, 2018, author and television writer-producer Sura Khan announces the campaign launch of the Virginia Capers Documentary Fund. The campaign hopes to raise public and private financial contributions to support its Go fund me efforts to complete the documentary “On The Walk Fame” The Virginia Capers Story. Producer & Writer, Sura Khan, and Ms. Capers were working on the documentary together back in 2004 before she passed away on May 6, 2004. The documentary has been in the works more than a decade now.

The late Virginia Capers is an African American entertainment treasure. She was the first African American female actress to win the Tony Award on Broadway and not have to share it with another actress. Virginia Capers won best actress in a musical for her role as the matriarch Lena Younger of a struggling back family in the musical version of Lorraine Hansberry classic “A Raisin the Sun” simple titled “Raisin”.  Actor Alan Alder presented Virginia Capers with the honors live on the 1974 Tony Awards telecast.

Virginia Capers & Producer Sura Khan

“When you’re inspired to take action,” do so, says documentary producer-writer, Sura Khan. “It can mean the difference between life and death and not necessarily your own life or death” In the matter of actress Virginia Capers, it was a chance to let it all come out so that her message and history in the entertainment industry can live on. The sparkling flame of life was burning out and the door was closing on her earthly life. Six weeks after sitting down with Sura Khan in her home in woodland hills, California in a special interview for the documentary Virginia Capers passed away due to complications with pneumonia. She spent more than five decades on the front line in theater, television, and film. She served as New York City host for the annual Jerry Lewis Telethon. Virginia Capers has worked with the best of the best in Hollywood. She shares many of her stories, including her relationship working with actor Will Smith and the cast on the NBC 90’s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” where she starred has Grandma Hattie Banks.

Mr. Khan is appealing for contribution to help raise the $247,000. needed to complete the 90 Minute documentary.  He hopes to complete the project by the fall of 2019. The support and endorsements from Ms. Capers family and friends read like the who’s who in Hollywood. Sura Khan has gained the support and clearance of Motown legend Diana Ross the late actors Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, and Isabel Sanford of the CBS sitcom “The Jefferson’s”  Actors Sherly Lee Ralph, Leslie Uggums, Cicely Tyson and Marla Gibbs also signed on.  The late comedian Jerry Lewis and The Muscular Dystrophy Association also support this documentary.

Visit the campaign site to watch the appeal video and make your donation. DOCUMENTARY DONATION PAGE & VIDEO

COMING JANUARY 2019 - BOOK, E-BOOK, AUDIOBOOK. Stay tuned for More!.

Sura Khan’s Expressions -Virginia Capers

“Virginia Capers A vast and loving Gibraltar of a woman” “Tremendous in just about every sense you can use the word.  

New York Times Critic –Clive Barnes

Muscular Dystrophy Association

The Musical Lorrain Hansberry







Sura Khan Biography                                                                                                         

Web Series South Brooklyn, A Smash Hit! for Writer Sura Khan



South Brooklyn, The Web Series A Smash Hit! For Writer Sura Khan 

Sura Khan Writer

December 2, 2018, the long-awaited web-series debuted episode one titled Back in the day on YouTube to rave reviews. Sura Khan the series writer stated, “The series is like no other and was before it’s time, making reference to the series being produced before the hit STARZ series Power and Fox television’s Empire among others”  South Brooklyn was indeed an inspiration for numerous web series that burst on the internet scene between 2014 to the present day. “South Brooklyn is not your typical street drug dealer story,” says Sura Khan. The writing is filled with twist and turns and puts the street life against a local government.

While the streets have its own share of interesting stories Khan wanted to display a different and interesting visual for viewers. Khan believes that intertwining these scenarios would make for great television. “We always see the street level crime stories but we rarely see how those stories are interpreted and handled within the political system says, Khan. When you have a mover and shaker like the character Philip Porter played by a fresh-faced actor “Hannabull” who are making millions of dollars on the street its easy for them to  become a target.” In this case, says writer Sura Khan “viewers get to see how the city uses this community mishap to further its own agenda.”  Getting a high profile arrest, especially the arrest of Philip Porter (leading character) during an election year can be the difference between keeping your current job as Mayor or losing it to your police commissioner who has an agenda of his own. Plans to take his bosses seat in city hall! The best way to start confusion within the halls of government is simple” said Khan. “All you need is one thing and that’s a Scandal” The series was produced and filmed back in 2013 but never made it off the shelf for various reasons. The series can be seen on the free viewing platform YouTube. I agreed to grant permission and the release of what was filmed back then on a free viewing platform for a few reasons says, Mr. Khan. “One, it’s a great and entertaining story” “Two the actors who are all new faces did a phenomenal job in those roles.”  “It should be in the public eye” Some of the actors went on to do great things after productions came to a close back in 2014. Some moved on to play on CBS and BET programs among many others. Number three, it’s the right time! A season two and three is already scripted and ready for the next level. To watch the series follow and subscribe to the link below.

Watch: Episodes- South Brooklyn

More:  Sura Khan Bio 

The Klein Syndicate & Singer Carl Thomas


An Evening with The Klein Syndicate & Carl Thomas

September 28, 2018, Brooklyn New York City was the place to be as the new television series “The Klein Syndicate host a special evening for the series cast and staff that starred R&B vocalist Carl Thomas. Friends and supporters poured into the Milk River Night Club and Restaurant located at 960 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

By 10:00 PM there was standing room only. Patrons crowded around various film and television screens throughout the venue to get a sneak peek of the upcoming series pilot “The Klein Syndicate”. The series writer and director Sura Khan was in the building but spent a great deal of time outside the venue greeting guest and also awaiting the arrival of Calvin Bacote, the executive producer, and subject of the series. Calvin Bacote arrived at 11:00 PM to applause and hugs from the series cast, spectators and supporters. On the inside of the packed venue, the guest was singing and dancing to the R&B sounds of Carl Thomas. The event was filmed for the Klein Syndicate- Behind the Scene web series that is in its 7th episode according to insiders. A behind the scene video is scheduled to be released October 2, 2018, on The Klein Syndicate Channel see link below and video below.

Director Sura Khan with Actor Lambert Tamin 

The Klein Syndicate is a new television series written & directed by Sura Khan with Calvin Bacote and starring Lambert Tamin as Klein. The series recaps the life of 1980’s drug lord known on the streets as the Brooklyn Don and Klein. Sura Khan stated that getting involved with the project was a no-brainer for him once he studied Calvin’s life and understood the force for change and inspiration that Calvin can be today, especially for the youth coming up today. Calvin speaks at prisons and youth programs hoping to inspire and reform. He also spoke at Harvard University. Lookout for The Klein Syndicate television series, currently in production filming season one of the series. Coming soon. 

  Calvin Bacote  (Center)                     Sura Khan, Andrew Black, Eric Clark   







Seminar 2018-2019” Youth

Seminar Coming Soon!




“Youth and Young Adults Seminar 2018-2019”



30-year Entertainment Industry Veteran Sura Khan will hit the road this fall of 2018 through the summer of 2019 with his “Youth and Young Adults” Seminars, Workshops and Master Classes. This motivational speaker, writer, and director are sure to leave an everlasting impact on aspiring writers, producers, directors and musical practitioners in his audiences all around the country. Booking dates will officially open on August 15, 2018. Request your 40-page package that illustrates the programs and fees for this seminar. Colleges, High Schools, Youth groups, Recreational Centers, Churches and All are welcome to request proposals with booking information. During stops in various cities, Mr. Khan is also available for bookings at film festivals, conventions and conferences to speak and or conduct workshops and special classes. A request can be emailed to:

Seminar Package:


“The Man and His Mission”


Writer, Director, Producer Sura Khan is a spectacular classic visionary man who believes in working hard and accomplishing your goals is the founder and chief executive officer of Sura Khan Media & Productions LLC. With an all-embracing experience of more than 30-years in the field of entertainment, public speaking, and youth & program development. He is extremally compassionate and exhibits his vision for the 21st Century to uplift and inspire youth and young adults moving towards a career in the entertainment industry.   Sura Khan is currently serving as Senior Writer and Director for Pree-Productions LLC and the new television series The Klein Syndicate. www.thekleinsyndicate.com also supervising producer and writer for Face Lite Communications LLC. www.facelite.co


Sura Khan exhibits sheer creativity in his work and has been the creative force behind five television shows, three albums and two books and one film. He has worked in all the major entertainment industry genres, film television, music, and books. His Knowledgebase is extremally widespread and dynamic. Sura Khan believes that visionary leadership is based on a balanced expression of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions. He is truly a leader who pursues his dreams through a concoction of core values, a clear vision, empowering relationships and innovative actions. Learn more about Sura Khan and view testimonials https://surakhan.net/testimonials also visit the official IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8358868/

Seminar Workshops

Seminar Package & Booking Info.






Podcast: Sura Khan’s “Whispers of Wisdom” March 2019

Whispers of Wisdom





Whispers of Wisdom 

  “The Entertainment Industry”

Come to listen to the Podcast and the charming and enchanting voice of entertainment industry veteran Sura Khan as “Sura Khan Media & Productions” bring you weekly and enlightening conversations about the entertainment industry. Sharing his views and inspiring his listeners is with more than thirty years in the entertainment industry. He has crossed paths with some of the best in the industry including: Anthony Anderson (Blackish/ABC) Legendary (Motown) singer Diana Ross, (The Jeffersons TV Series-CBS) Isabel Sanford & Marla Gibbs, (Actor & MDA Telethons) Jerry Lewis, (Empire-Fox) Basher Yazz Grey &  Leslie Uggums, (Fresh Prince of Bel Air-NBC) Virginia Capes, Karen Parson, Tatiana Ali and Alfonzo Ribero, (Power- Starz) Marc John Jefferies, and (Saints & Sinners) Keith Robinson to name a few. Some of the topics will include a conversation on controversial headlines such as Bill Cosby, Rosanne & ABC, Monique & Netflix, as well as basic topics such as, Who’s in the news, The happening behind the scene, and Sura Khan’s signature “I’m Just Saying” Talk.


Be sure to subscribe to this website: www.surakhan.net for announcements updates and links to the podcast that will be issued soon. The podcast will begin airing in September 2018.

Sura Khan: Background

Sura Khan exhibits sheer creativity in his work and has been the creative force behind five television shows, three albums and two books, and one film. He has worked in all the major entertainment industry genres, film television, music, and books. His Knowledge-base is extremely widespread and dynamic. Sura Khan believes that visionary leadership is based on a balanced expression of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions. He is truly a leader who pursues his dreams through a concoction of core values, a clear vision, empowering relationships and innovative actions. Learn more about Sura Khan and view testimonials https://surakhan.net/testimonials also visit the official IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8358868/

Listen to the first episode NOW!



 If You Miss A Little, You’ll Miss A Lot!







Sura Khan director and writer of the long-awaited Klein Syndicate series has announced on April 7, 2018, that the pilot is officially completed. In a social media post on Facebook and Instagram the leader of the caravan along with Calvin Klein Bacote the subject of the series said “It’s A WRAP!! The Klein Syndicate is in the Can”. “It was indeed an experience and pleasure directing and writing this series with Calvin Bacote and the production team David Quinones, Jeremiah  John Arrington and the talents of actor Lambert Taims who plays Klein”. Along with a phenomenal cast line-up.

An explosion of behind the scenes photos have emerged all over the internet as talks among cast and friends of the project began to take on a life of its own said director Sura Khan. Calvin’s life is too broad to fit into a film so the series choice was the best direction said, Khan. The pilot is an introduction to the world and covers crucial turning points in the life of Calvin Bacote. Also, in the pilot, a drastic time in Klein’s life is revisited when the story takes you back to a five-year-old Klein in the 1970’s and the first time he had a gun in his hand. Sura Khan said, “Bringing the big guy out


THE KLEIN SYNDICATE – Trailer from Sura Khan on Vimeo.

of this little guy and this little guy out of this big guy is a true test of a director’s creative capacity to be a bridge between these two forces to merge together”. Referring to the child actor Wil Lugo and Calvin Bacote. 

Calvin has an untold history with many of today’s iconic figures such as Hip-hop legends NAS and JAY-Z to name a couple. Khan also stated in a blog post “Writing and directing that historic pass between these two brothers, hip-hop icon “NAS” and the Brooklyn Don (Calvin) is going to be epic. The brothers Klein and Nas were enjoying an evening together along with the series star Lambert Tamin and producer David Quinones at the Eric B & Rakim concert in New York City on April 10, 2018. The lead actor Lambert Tamin of the series said: “I’m Humbled to be a part of this and to have the opportunity to play the role of the Brooklyn Don himself”. 

The series is gaining support by many influential insiders including the City of Mount Vernon’s Mayor Richard Thomas and City Clerk George W. Brown who visited the set to say hello while filming the historic United States Government vs Calvin Bacote Scene that was taking place in the City Hall Chambers.


THE KLEIN SYNDICATE – Trailer from Sura Khan on Vimeo.

Calvin Bacote’s production company Pree-Productions is now on the search for a good home for the series and looking to speak with platforms like HBO, STARS, and NETFLIX among others for distribution consideration.


More About: Director Sura Khan https://surakhan.net/testimonials/producer 

The Launch of the Brooklyn Don Article:   https://surakhan.net/sura-khan-jay-z-calvin-klein

NAS INSTAGRAM PAGE: http://www.instagram.com/nas 

More on Calvin Klein Bacote 

Calvin Bacote was born in 1966 and raised in Brooklyn, New York by his parents along with his older sister and brother. In the mid-80s, Bacote began dealing and distributing the nation’s most dominating drug, crack cocaine. He organized a masterful team thus becoming a powerful drug lord often referred to as Calvin Klein the Brooklyn Don. His name echoed up and down the entire east coast, where the distribution of cocaine was lead under his management. In 1988, Bacote was charged with second-degree murder and five counts of possession of a deadly weapon. Ten months later in 1989, he was acquitted of all charges. Two months after the acquittal Bacote, along with associate Mr. Shawn Carter aka Jay -Z, was charged in a Maryland State case for attempted murder, intent to maim, battery, assault, and possession of a deadly weapon. Both of them faced up to 40 years in prison.

Bacote negotiated with the Plaintiff to take full blame, therefore relieving Carter of all pending charges. After being released on bail, pending a trial date, Bacote was in the works towards financing a recording label for rappers Jaz-O and Biz Markie. One of the first acts to be released from the label was Carter also known as Jay-Z. Unfortunately, The label was never established. Unbeknownst to him, Bacote was under a federal investigation that eventually led to a 25-year sentence. His prior 1989 conviction was overturned and dismissed reducing the 25-year sentence to 15 years, of which he served
Bacote’s notorious past is acknowledged and glorified amongst many creditable artists such as Jay-Z, Akon, and French Montana, all of whom have mentioned him in their music. Upon his release in 2004, he was asked to manage Akon who became an international multi-platinum recording artist under his management.

Bacote helped build the Konvict music label and brand. Throughout his journey in the music industry, he created an intricate network of high profile relationships. He has since turned over a new leaf in his life and is focused on giving back. The first step in his journey was in 2004 with The Fatherhood Family Engagement Program in which he rebuilt dilapidated homes in South Carolina. In 2012 shortly after getting married, Bacote was invited to speak at a YPO (Young President’s Organization) event in Las Vegas Nevada, hosted by Wendy Day. On February 25, 2014, He self-published a book based on his life, hoping the unmitigated nature would deter those wishing to follow in his past footsteps. The book titled, “Neighborhoods Under Siege” was #1 on Amazon and #7 on Kindle during the week of its release. He started a media blitz, accomplishing hi-profile interviews with Vlad TV, MTV News, and Complex.com to name a few, highlighting his newfound passion for effecting change by public speaking.

Continue More

Interview with Calvin Klein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzbtnuqzUD0






Sponsorship Supporting Summer Youth Program 2019

Summer Programs  (Sura Khan) 

Let’s Make Summer 2019 a Great Experience for The Youth in New York City

Summer 2019, Sura Khan Media Brands will be sponsoring summer teen sports programs this summer season. Keeping our youth engaged in the positive activity is important and necessary. After serving 16 years in Public Housing as a youth service recreation director as seen in the video below I found that keeping 13-19 years old teenagers involved and busy through the summer vacation from school can make a difference in their lives and even become a life or death situation in some communities if they are left with to much free time on their hands.

My passion is the arts and I used this gift to create opportunities for youth living in low-income housing development managed by the New York City Housing Authority. After moving on in my career back in July 2010 I try to keep my connection to youth in these communities by sponsoring summer sports games that included basketball, baseball, and volleyball among other activities. I paid for these sponsorships out of my own pocket for many years and now I’m reaching out to my supporters, subscribers, and followers at Surakhan.net Sura Khan Media Brands will post pictures and updates about the programs and activities we sponsor. We will also post live video updates and testimonials from the youth themselves. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of those who cannot afford to attend a summer program or are not fortunate enough to be selected in the New York City Summer Youth Employment Program. These youth may find themselves in a place and situation that can send their lives into a downward spiral if they find themselves with to much time on their hands and no positive recreational activities. Please help us make a difference.

Make Your Contribution Now and the entertainment industry to make a small donation to help me create more opportunities this 2018 summer season for youth in New York City. Your donation will help cover the cost of uniforms, sporting equipment; team entry fees busses and refreshment for the youth. I have a goal of raising $10.000 US (ten thousand dollars) for this season programs that will support 100 teenagers. Programs run from July 5, 2019-August 30, 2019

We will also be publishing a Newsletter to update our wonderful supporters. You can make your contribution by selecting the donation button at the bottom and make your credit card contribution payment. Thank you and looking forward to a successful joyous and safe summer season for our youth.





Other Program Providers for Teens in New York City 

http://www.nyc.gov  Summer Programs for Youth 





Supremes Reunion 2017- “IN THE NAME OF LOVE” A Book of Effort By: Sura Khan


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Supremes Story!        


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or e-mail info@surakhan.net with your request!

Readers and viewers alike may find that this great writer producer-director was able to use both purpose and spirituality in order to give a sense of the truth of humanity in the transformation of a fictitious story that blends reality. Dorian Taylor 

A Supremes Reunion Story, New York, NY (November 4, 2017) –Author and filmmaker Sura Khan re-releases his historic book “In the Name of Love”, (originally written in 2009) an inspirational book illustrating the story behind the making of a cinematic message in a bottle to the former Motown’s greatest female group of all time, The Supremes Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong. The Love Letter books to the Supremes

Details of the journey inscribed are magical, joyful, and sometimes painful not only for the author/filmmaker but also for all those who traveled with him to send this message. In the Name of Love is where Sura Khan shares the events in his childhood, connecting himself to the Supremes, the undertaking, and getting the film to the superstars through an ingenious process. It gives the readers a view from the inside of one of the most non-talked about events in the entertainment industry. The book is one of the best options as an uplifting, inspirational, and educational tool for filmmakers, actors,        writers and all of those seeking to jump out of the box and make a huge difference.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE  is a first-hand account of one man’s journey to inspire Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong formally Diana Ross & the Supremes, to heed the call of fans all over the world and give a reunion performance another chance.

Throughout his life, Sura Khan has always felt a connection to the Supremes and never really understood why and then the pieces started coming together. Sura Khan took on the challenge to do what most would have liked to had done when he committed to write and produce a cinematic letter to Ross, Wilson, and Birdsong of the legendary Motown group. His hopes were to inspire the ladies back to the forefront, one more time. In his book “In the Name of Love” Sura Khan details the story behind the noble effort to inspire peace unity and reconciliation.

Th present day

Almost 12 years have now passed and a reunion has never taken place. “I use to question myself sometimes,” says Sura Khan, “Did I do the right thing I would ask myself”. Twelve years later and Sura Khan has no regrets. The doors have opened for many involved in the project and have taken their careers to new heights. “I’m happy to be somewhat responsible for that,” says Sura Khan. “Sometimes things are not what they appear to be and there’s always a story behind the story that can either push us forward or hold us back. Ms. Ross, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Birdsong are not exempt from that.” “We all did our best and we did it In the name of Love.      

About the Author

Sura Khan, a versatile author, filmmaker, and director is also a motivational speaker in the field of entertainment and spirituality. This year (2017) he produced several television shows including a talk Variety show “Set Life Cali” with actor/singer Keith Robinson of Saints & Sinners and the film Dreamgirls. Actor Mac John Jefferies of Power Series and as a child actor playing Isaiah alongside Halley Berry in the film Losing Isaiah was also featured on the program. Sura Khan also scripted the historical and much-anticipated life story of Brooklyn’s notorious drug lord, Calvin Bacote aka Calvin Klein. The series now in development is titled The Brooklyn Don. The series tells stories about the real-life happenings between Klein and many of his associates that includes hip-hop powerhouse Jay Z among many other notables. Sura Khan has written, produces and directed several new television series and currently working on his memoirs in entertainment, slated to be released in 2018.

In the making of In the Name of Love, Sura Khan aims to re-write a history of worlds famous icons grappling with assorted personality conflicts and to hopefully facilitate “peace talks” between the duo/trio while bringing about a concert reunion of three of the earliest surviving members of the group. Now 12 years later (2017) and the ladies are in there 70’s (Age) and still wowing them. “I was delighted to see Diana Ross & Mary Wilson together in support of Berry Gordy’s (Motown Founder) Motown the Musical on Broadway,” says Sura Khan.

Dreams don’t die people just stop dreaming (Mary Wilson) – Sura Khan’s oft-spoken mantra, which is clearly made manifest in his cinematic piece, In the Name of Love.


                                             Delivering the Goods”
I had this all planned out well, Diana Mary and Cindy were supposed to all receive the film around the same time but things don’t always go according to plan. The moment the lid came off the pot things start going wrong.

On January 23, 2008, three packages were sent out. One to Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Cindy Birdsong. Mary’s was delivered first. After that, about two weeks later Cindy’s was delivered. It was some problem with the delivery for Cindy and it was about to be returned. Then delivery was confirmed. Diana Ross package was returned to me weeks later marked undeliverable at that address. Mary and Cindy had a copy of the film and Diana Ross was about to hear it through the grapevine. This was not looking good at all. Word was spreading fast across America and the United Kingdom regarding the existence of this film titled “In The Name of Love” about a reunion of Diana Ross and the Supremes. Shortly after this I had received an e-mail from Ro’ with an attachment of a message that was posted on Cindy MySpace page allegedly written by Cindy, The part of this message that got me was these words Cindy allegedly posted: “I speak with Diana and Mary from time to time and there has been some talk of a possible forthcoming event involving the three of us”………..


VIEW TESTIMONIALS  ABOUT THE PROJECT: https://surakhan.net/testimonials

In the Name of Love is available online for purchase at www.Surakhan.net (Holiday Special low price and autographed copy see above) or  www.buybooksontheweb.com (ONLINE )

In the Name of Love* VSE Publishing Company Date: December 4th, 2009 Trade paperback: $14.95 USD. 175 pages: ISBN: 978-0741457011

Support: The Diana Ross Charitable Foundation
1880-Century Park E., Ste. 200
Los Angeles, CA 90067  

Mary Wilson (WebSIte)  https://www.marywilson.com/ 

The Supremes/Motown Links  https://www.motownmuseum.org 

(Motown Musical) Rehearsal 

http://www.motownthemusical.com  https://youtu.be/ofR4_1usAEw


Contact for more information: Info@surakhan.net



About The author Sura Khan: https://surakhan.net/testimonials/producer  

“Three talented ladies that I adore, who came along and did a superb job on helping bring this vision and labor of love to life”!! Sura Khan-Director/Writer

                                      RO’BLACK               KIM AUSTIN            DEBORAH GREEN

Kim Austin as Diana RossRo'Black as Cindy Birdsong  





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Writing & Directing Talk-Television



Writing & Directing Talk-Television

Veteran writer, director and producer Sura Khan is appointed to write and direct new television talk show “Candid with Terri P” Executive Produced and host by Terri Patterson. Patterson brought Sura Khan the talented writer & director onto the show to help take it to another level. Multiple episodes of the new show were taped in Brooklyn New York at BRIC Media & Arts Center on September 18, 19, 20. 2017. The program featured special guest appearances by

ALLISON SEMMES  landed a role in MOTOWN THE MUSICAL on Broadway as Diana Ross u/s, which led her to her first lead role as Diana Ross on MOTOWN THE MUSIC Broadway (2016) and National Tour, which she is now touring. She has received an NAACP Theater Award nomination and won Chicago Broadway World Award for Best Female Lead Actress as Diana Ross for Motown. http://www.allisonsemmes.com/   

Clip from the Motown Musical rehearsal https://youtu.be/ofR4_1usAEw 


  Also, appearing is this talented young man. You may remember Justiin Davis for his role in the hit series Boardwalk Empire. Justiin also played the role of Evan Ross, son of Diana Ross in a film written and directed by Sura Khan some years earlier (Get The Book  https://surakhan.net/supremes-reunion-book-efforts-sura-khan) This appearance on Candid was the first time Khan and Davis have seen each other since 2008 at the premiere of the film In the Name of Love. Khan also wrote a book about the project under the same title, that Justiin Davis is holding in the photo with Khan above.  “Having a diverse guest lineup was important to the show’s structure,” says Sura Khan. “We went from Broadway star to TV rising star and then to sports and politics.”


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she’s a history maker who was the first female Defensive Coach for The New York Jets and has indeed left her imprint on the sports world. She was a perfect guest for the show.


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Moving into the world of politics gave the program a twist when Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams came on the program not only to discuss politics but also his health and struggles with diabetes.



                   SURA KHAN & TERRI PATTERSON (Host & Executive Producer) 

2017 has been a busy year for the talented writer-director Sura Khan who has written and produced several projects including Set Life Cali, a talk Variety show filmed in Hollywood. Bull & Yaya, a movie review & comedy show in New York City. Khan also penned the screenplay for the long-awaited Calvin Klein Bacote story and several other TV scripts this year. 2018 is looking very bright for Mr. Khan, and we all look forward to the projects coming our way that he has put his hands to.

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