Virginia Capers Tony Award Winner, Documentary Fundraiser

Documentary fundraiser Virginia Capers

Documentary Fundraiser- Virginia Capers

Virginia Capers Tony Award Winner-Documentary Fund, Preserving Excellence and Contributions in Film Television and Theater.

November 29, 2018, author and television writer-producer Sura Khan announces the campaign launch of the Virginia Capers Documentary Fund. The campaign hopes to raise public and private financial contributions to support its Go fund me efforts to complete the documentary “On The Walk Fame” The Virginia Capers Story. Producer & Writer, Sura Khan, and Ms. Capers were working on the documentary together back in 2004 before she passed away on May 6, 2004. The documentary has been in the works more than a decade now.

The late Virginia Capers is an African American entertainment treasure. She was the first African American female actress to win the Tony Award on Broadway and not have to share it with another actress. Virginia Capers won best actress in a musical for her role as the matriarch Lena Younger of a struggling back family in the musical version of Lorraine Hansberry classic “A Raisin the Sun” simple titled “Raisin”.  Actor Alan Alder presented Virginia Capers with the honors live on the 1974 Tony Awards telecast.

Virginia Capers & Producer Sura Khan

“When you’re inspired to take action,” do so, says documentary producer-writer, Sura Khan. “It can mean the difference between life and death and not necessarily your own life or death” In the matter of actress Virginia Capers, it was a chance to let it all come out so that her message and history in the entertainment industry can live on. The sparkling flame of life was burning out and the door was closing on her earthly life. Six weeks after sitting down with Sura Khan in her home in woodland hills, California in a special interview for the documentary Virginia Capers passed away due to complications with pneumonia. She spent more than five decades on the front line in theater, television, and film. She served as New York City host for the annual Jerry Lewis Telethon. Virginia Capers has worked with the best of the best in Hollywood. She shares many of her stories, including her relationship working with actor Will Smith and the cast on the NBC 90’s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” where she starred has Grandma Hattie Banks.

Mr. Khan is appealing for contribution to help raise the $247,000. needed to complete the 90 Minute documentary.  He hopes to complete the project by the fall of 2019. The support and endorsements from Ms. Capers family and friends read like the who’s who in Hollywood. Sura Khan has gained the support and clearance of Motown legend Diana Ross the late actors Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, and Isabel Sanford of the CBS sitcom “The Jefferson’s”  Actors Sherly Lee Ralph, Leslie Uggums, Cicely Tyson and Marla Gibbs also signed on.  The late comedian Jerry Lewis and The Muscular Dystrophy Association also support this documentary.

Visit the campaign site to watch the appeal video and make your donation. DOCUMENTARY DONATION PAGE & VIDEO

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Sura Khan’s Expressions -Virginia Capers

“Virginia Capers A vast and loving Gibraltar of a woman” “Tremendous in just about every sense you can use the word.  

New York Times Critic –Clive Barnes

Muscular Dystrophy Association

The Musical Lorrain Hansberry







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Web Series South Brooklyn, A Smash Hit! for Writer Sura Khan



South Brooklyn, The Web Series A Smash Hit! For Writer Sura Khan 

Sura Khan Writer

December 2, 2018, the long-awaited web-series debuted episode one titled Back in the day on YouTube to rave reviews. Sura Khan the series writer stated, “The series is like no other and was before it’s time, making reference to the series being produced before the hit STARZ series Power and Fox television’s Empire among others”  South Brooklyn was indeed an inspiration for numerous web series that burst on the internet scene between 2014 to the present day. “South Brooklyn is not your typical street drug dealer story,” says Sura Khan. The writing is filled with twist and turns and puts the street life against a local government.

While the streets have its own share of interesting stories Khan wanted to display a different and interesting visual for viewers. Khan believes that intertwining these scenarios would make for great television. “We always see the street level crime stories but we rarely see how those stories are interpreted and handled within the political system says, Khan. When you have a mover and shaker like the character Philip Porter played by a fresh-faced actor “Hannabull” who are making millions of dollars on the street its easy for them to  become a target.” In this case, says writer Sura Khan “viewers get to see how the city uses this community mishap to further its own agenda.”  Getting a high profile arrest, especially the arrest of Philip Porter (leading character) during an election year can be the difference between keeping your current job as Mayor or losing it to your police commissioner who has an agenda of his own. Plans to take his bosses seat in city hall! The best way to start confusion within the halls of government is simple” said Khan. “All you need is one thing and that’s a Scandal” The series was produced and filmed back in 2013 but never made it off the shelf for various reasons. The series can be seen on the free viewing platform YouTube. I agreed to grant permission and the release of what was filmed back then on a free viewing platform for a few reasons says, Mr. Khan. “One, it’s a great and entertaining story” “Two the actors who are all new faces did a phenomenal job in those roles.”  “It should be in the public eye” Some of the actors went on to do great things after productions came to a close back in 2014. Some moved on to play on CBS and BET programs among many others. Number three, it’s the right time! A season two and three is already scripted and ready for the next level. To watch the series follow and subscribe to the link below.

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